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  Available Resumes

The site has a large and active group of job candidates with their resumes currently posted in our system. These candidate resumes have been reviewed and filtered to ensure that only qualified candidates with applicable skills are listed.

Refining & Petrochemical17949 resumes
10 years avg. exp.
  LNG2555 resumes
7 years avg. exp.
Pipeline and Storage4475 resumes
9 years avg. exp.
  Transportation - Marine3805 resumes
9 years avg. exp.
Transportation - Land878 resumes
8 years avg. exp.
  Marketing & Retail1095 resumes
7 years avg. exp.
Energy Trading515 resumes
7 years avg. exp.
  Engineering29065 resumes
9 years avg. exp.
Management/Admin18447 resumes
10 years avg. exp.
  Executive511 resumes
9 years avg. exp.
Other6985 resumes
10 years avg. exp.

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We are here to provide you with the best system available to find the candidates that you need. From a large, prequalified resume database to job reply tracking tools, we give you a variety of tools to make your job easier and help you find the right candidates quickly.

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