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 > What is "Your Career Center?"
 > How do I search for a job?
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How do I find a job using's Career Center?
Finding a job using's Career Center is quick and easy. The first thing you should do is post your resume on the site. If you are not yet a member of you need to set up a free membership. Once you have your membership set up or if you are already a member, click the "Post Your Resume" link on the jobs homepage or in the left hand navigation. Once your resume is posted, recruiters will be able to search and find you and contact you about positions they have available.
How much does it cost to use the Career Center?'s Career Center is available as a free service to all job candidates. It does not cost you to post your resume, search through jobs, or contact potential employers. If you would like to increase your chances of being hired by appearing at the top of job searches with a premium resume you can do so for a small fee. If you would like to retain your confidentiality and have operate as a veil between you and potential employers we offer this service also for a small fee. Another fee based resume option allows you to advertise your availability with a featured listing in the Newsletter. Recruiters can then access your resume directly from a link in the featured employee section of the newsletter.
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Who uses's Career Center? is an oil and gas industry portal concentrating on the downstream sector of the business. Our users come from all over the industry and range in scope from small independents to major oil producers and refiners. As a leading industry resource and online destination, garners the high quality traffic and job positions with the top caliber oil and gas corporations, recruiting companies and headhunters.
What jobs are available through's Career Center?
The number of jobs and specific positions varies from day to day and week to week based on the employment needs of employers using the site, but in general any position in the oil and gas industry or a related support position is available. We specialize in hard-to-find industry positions such as offshore drilling rig jobs, marine construction positions, and related engineering positions such as subsea engineering and seismic analysis. There is no better place online or off to find highly specialized oil industry jobs. In addition, our job categories include industry support positions in areas such as legal expertise, marketing, executive management, information technology, medical, and more. No matter your position, if you work in the oil and gas industry or are interested in moving into this high growth area,'s Career Center has the positions you are looking for. To see the specific job categories available, browse for jobs from the homepage or by clicking the "Browse Jobs" link on the left hand navigation bar.
What is a confidential resume listing?
A confidential resume listing prevents recruiters from knowing who you are until you decide to reveal your identity to them. You may not want your current employer to know you are looking for a new job, there may be certain companies you simply do not want to know about your job search, or you may not want to give out your personal contact information. With a confidential resume, no one can see your name, contact information, or address. Your resume itself is available so that recruiters can determine if you are a good candidate for their open positions based on your history, education, and skills. All correspondence between you and recruiters originally initiated by recruiters will go to and will then be passed along by a editor. We will stand between you and the recruiters acting as an unbiased middleman ensuring your communications cannot be traced back to you. You will enjoy complete confidentiality and anonymity while benefiting from the clout enjoys with employers in the oil and gas industry. will only act as your middleman when a recruiter contacts you, not when you contact a recruiter.
How do I post my resume?
Posting your resume is a quick and simple process. To get started, click "Post Your Resume" in the left hand navigation bar or in the Job Candidates box on the homepage. You must be a member to post your resume. If you are not yet a member, you can click the "Register Now" link on the resume login page.

Once you've logged in, you will be presented with a series of form fields. Fill out each field with the stated information such as your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, etc. You will be asked to select a job category. After you select this category you will be able to select specific areas of expertise associated with that job category (the expertise drop down boxes will not be filled until you select a category). Select your experience level, education level, desired type of employment (full time, part time, etc.), and your primary and secondary languages. Also select the world region and country in which you are a citizen. These criteria will help match you to the requirements for specific positions and job postings.

Finally, you will enter your resume details. We have provided you with several text boxes to fill in your information. You can cut and paste your resume into the appropriate boxes or type in all new text. The available text entry boxes are:
  • Resume Title: provide a title for your resume. This is the first thing recruiters will see and it is how you will establish yourself. Describe what you do or something about your skill set taking into account the job you would like to have. For example, you might title your resume "Veteran Subsea Engineer Seeking GOM Work." Be succinct while describing yourself in a way that will accurately portray who you are and what type of job you are seeking.
  • Objective: explain what it is you would like to do. What are your goals? What is your ideal job? Why are you looking for a job?
  • Work Experience: provide a detailed history of the work you have done in the past. Be sure to include your employers, dates of employment, job responsibilities, your positions, and any special achievements or exceptional work.
  • Education and Training: include a brief history of your education including what schools you attended, what degree you earned, and any other pertinent information. Include your grade point average if it reflects well on you.
  • Certifications & Achievements: list any special certifications and licenses you have. List and explain important achievements and milestones in your career. Pay particular attention to achievements and events that portray who you are and the type of work you can do especially in relation to your current job hunt and preferred position.
  • Skills: list any important skills that pertain to the job your are seeking and/or that paint a clearer picture of who you are the added value you bring to a position. Include skills that may be outside the scope of the job you are seeking but that may come into play with a promotion or your interaction with others in your job.
  • Additional Information: provide any additional information about you, your experiences, etc. Provide a short summary of who you are and why you are an exceptional job candidate.
When you have finished entering all your information, click the "Preview Your Resume" button at the bottom of the page. Your resume is displayed as it will be seen by recruiters searching for you. Review the information you entered for accuracy, spelling, and content. If you need to make a change, click "Edit Resume." When you are satisfied with your resume, click "Save Resume."
Can I post more than one resume?
No, at this time you can only post a single resume. You can make modifications to your resume at any time. Also, when you apply for a job you are presented with a text box to provide a cover letter highlighting particular skills, telling the employer why you would be good for the position, etc.
How do I edit or remove my resume?
To edit your resume click the "Edit Your Resume" link in the left hand navigation bar. You can also edit your resume through Your Career Center. Login to Your Career Center and click the blue and white "edit" button in your resume data box. To remove your resume from the system, go to Your Career Center and click the blue and white "remove" button in your resume data box.
What is "Your Career Center?"
Your Career Center provides a personal space in the Career Center for you to access your job search information. You are presented with vital information pertaining to your resume including the number of replies you have received. In addition, important resume information such as confidentiality status and premium placement status are readily available. You can edit your resume, remove your resume from the system, or renew your resume. When you post a resume it is valid for one year.

Your Career Center also shows you what jobs you have applied for including the date you applied, the job title, and the company. From here you can track the progress of your job search, get back in touch with companies about jobs you've applied for, and more.
How do I search for a job?
To search for a job click the "Search Jobs" link in the left hand navigation bar or on the homepage in the Job Candidates section. You will be presented with an advanced search form allowing you to specify a number of important criteria. Select as many or as few search criteria as you like - none are required. The more search criteria you select the more exact your search will be and the fewer jobs will be displayed. If you perform a search and too many job listings appear, try narrowing your search by defining additional criteria. If your search turns up no results or very few results, try broadening your search by selecting fewer search criteria.
I tried searching for a job but my search returned no results - why?
There are a number of reasons your search may have returned no results. It is possible that there are currently no open positions in your job category, or your search may have been too narrow. Go back to search and perform a new search with fewer search criteria selected. Try performing a search on Job Category only - this will tell you if there are any current openings in your category. Work your way down from a broad search to a focused search so you don't miss any great opportunities.
How do I get more detail about a job?
When you perform a job search or browse job categories you will see a listing of open positions. The list features a Job Title, Location, Company, and Job Category. If you are interested in learning more about a particular job or would like to apply for that job, click the underlined navy Job Title. The Job Title is a hyperlink that will take you to the job page where you can learn more about the position, its requirements, etc. You can also apply for the job from this page.
How do I apply for a job?
Use the Job Search or browse through jobs to find one that interests you. When you see a job that sounds interesting, click on its Title to see that job's page. Review the details for the position. At the bottom of a job page is a large blue and white button labeled "apply for this position." Click this button to apply for the job. You can apply online only once to each ad. Any further follow up has to be off-line through contact information provided by the employer or recruiter.
Do I have to have a resume to apply for jobs?
Yes and No. Featured employers often include an email address, phone, or fax number allowing you to work the job opening offline.
If you didn't find the information that you were looking for, please Contact Us and let us know how we can help.

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