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U.S. Asked to Slap Duties on Biodiesel from Argentina, Indonesia
(Thursday, March 23, 2017) The move comes after years of rising tensions between U.S. and foreign producers.

German Scientists Test World's 'Largest Artificial Sun'
(Thursday, March 23, 2017) Scientists in Germany are testing what they describe as "the world's largest artificial sun," which they hope could pave the way toward creating hydrogen to use as a green fuel.

Indonesia Plans to File WTO Complaint Over EU Biodiesel Duties
(Monday, March 20, 2017) Indonesia plans to file a World Trade Organization complaint this month against European Union anti-dumping duties on biodiesel exports from the Southeast Asian country, trade officials said on Sunday.

Icahn Bets Against Renewables Market He Wants Trump to Overhaul
(Friday, March 17, 2017) Carl Icahn, the billionaire investor and adviser to President Donald Trump, said he's betting on a decline in the market for renewable-fuel credits that he's urging the president to overhaul.

U.S. Lawmakers Press Trump to Deny Calls to Overhaul Biofuels Program
(Thursday, March 16, 2017) More than 20 U.S. senators pressed President Donald Trump on Thursday to reject requests from oil refiners to overhaul the U.S. biofuels program, weighing in on a debate that has roiled markets from soybeans to gasoline in recent weeks.

U.S. Refiners' Biofuel Bill Soars to Record High as Debate Heats Up
(Friday, March 10, 2017) Oil refiners shelled out a record over $2 billion to meet U.S. biofuels requirements in 2016, a 70 percent surge that helps fuel a growing debate over who should shoulder the costs for meeting environmental regulations.

Ethanol Train Derails in Iowa, Bursts into Flames
(Friday, March 10, 2017) More than two dozen tank cars hauling ethanol derailed Friday morning in northwestern Iowa, causing some to catch fire and sending an unknown volume of the biofuel into a nearby creek, officials said.

Shell CEO Urges Switch to Clean Energy as Plans Hefty Renewable Spending
(Thursday, March 09, 2017) The oil and gas industry risks losing public support if progress is not made in the transition to cleaner energy, Royal Dutch Shell Plc Chief Executive Ben van Beurden said on Thursday.

Watchdog Presses U.S. Lawmakers to Probe Icahn's Role with Trump
(Wednesday, March 08, 2017) A government watchdog group, Public Citizen, said on Wednesday it has asked lawmakers to investigate whether Carl Icahn violated lobbying disclosure laws, a complaint the billionaire investor denied and called a "witch hunt."

White House Weighs U.S. Biofuels Program Change, No Position Yet -Official
(Monday, March 06, 2017) The debate centers on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), a 2005 policy that requires increasing volumes of biofuels to be added to gasoline and diesel each year.

Oil, Biofuels Groups Urge US EPA Deny Refiner Requests to Tweak RFS Program
(Friday, March 03, 2017) A coalition of trade groups representing oil, biofuels and other interests pressed the U.S. government on Thursday to deny requests to tweak the country's biofuels program.

Icahn Lobbying Trump Sparks Civil War in U.S. Ethanol Sector
(Thursday, March 02, 2017) At the heart of the dispute lies the question of who exactly should be responsible for complying with a 12-year-old law mandating the blending of ethanol in gasoline.

BP Buys Clean Energy's U.S. Green Gas Production Assets for $155 Mln
(Wednesday, March 01, 2017) Clean Energy captures biomethane gas emitted from landfill waste sites and then processes and purifies it to pump through pipelines. It is mainly used as a fuel for transport.

Trump Said to Weigh Biofuel Plan From Icahn, Ethanol Group
(Tuesday, February 28, 2017) Billionaire investor Carl Icahn and the leading U.S. biofuel trade group provided a deal to the Trump administration for revamping the Renewable Fuel Standard, according to people familiar with the agreement.

White House Says No Ethanol Executive Order in the Works
(Tuesday, February 28, 2017) The White House on Tuesday said there was no executive order on ethanol in the works.

Mexico Tequila Maker Has a Shot at Turning Agave Waste into Fuel
(Friday, February 24, 2017) One of Mexico's most famous tequila companies hopes to turn into fuel the thousands of tonnes of waste it generates each year from the spiky blue agave plants used to make the spirit, and cut its energy bill, said its engineering director.

Oil Industry Infighting Heats Up As EPA Weighs Biofuels Rule Change
(Thursday, February 23, 2017) Oil companies showed deepening divides on the future of the U.S. biofuels program in solicited comments from the EPA over a plan sought by some refiners to shift the program's financial burden to retailers and blenders.

Trump Reaffirms Ethanol Support Amid Its Fight With Icahn
(Wednesday, February 22, 2017) President Donald Trump reiterated his support for American ethanol in a letter, wading into the industry's battle with independent oil refiners and billionaire Carl Icahn over whether parts of a federal mandate should be changed.

Big Corn Courts Old Foe Big Oil to Combat Electric Car Threat
(Wednesday, February 22, 2017) A U.S. biofuels lobbying group on Tuesday said it is seeking to work with longtime rival the oil industry to fight the threat to both from subsidies for electric vehicles.

Wind Power Briefly Sets Record As Source for Electricity in U.S.
(Tuesday, February 14, 2017) Wind briefly powered more than 50 percent of electric demand on Sunday, the 14-state Southwest Power Pool (SPP) said, for the first time on any North American power grid.

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