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Don't Make People Feel Stupid. Drop the Jargon!
(Thursday, March 23, 2017) Industry jargon and three-letter acronyms have their place, but they can also prevent you from selling a message effectively to others.

COLUMN-U.S. Oil and Gas Industry Reaps the Benefits of International Trade
(Tuesday, March 21, 2017) Rising exports have thrown a lifeline to U.S. shale producers and refiners, giving them an additional outlet at a time when the domestic market has been at risk of becoming saturated.

WWRA: What Would A Rookie Ask?
(Tuesday, March 21, 2017) Rigzone needs your help compiling a list of simple technical questions that a newcomer to the oil and gas industry might ask.

America's Nuclear Sector Braces for More Closures
(Monday, March 20, 2017) How does natural gas threaten nuclear power's profitability, and will President Trump come to nuclear's rescue? S&P Global Ratings' Michael Ferguson outlines the reasons behind nuclear's decline and the industry's likely direction.

Saudi King's Asia Tour Trumpets Aramco's Moves Downstream
(Monday, March 20, 2017) Saudi King Salman's lavish tour of Asia, arriving in each country on a golden escalator with 400 tonnes of luggage, had a hardnosed marketing mission.

COLUMN-Hedge Funds Rush for Exit After Oil Trade Becomes Crowded
(Monday, March 20, 2017) Hedge funds cut their bullish bets on oil by the largest amount on record in the week to March 14, according to the latest data published by regulators and exchanges.

Fuel-Conscious U.S. Drivers Crimp OPEC's Bid to Raise Oil Prices
(Friday, March 17, 2017) The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is counting on growing demand to bolster the production cuts it's making in a bid to balance the market.

Saudis Study $65 Billion in China Investments During King's Trip
(Thursday, March 16, 2017) Amin Nasser, chief executive officer of Saudi Aramco, signed a memorandum of understanding with China North Industries Group Corp. on Thursday to explore downstream oil opportunities.

Improve Your Plant's Cybersecurity Now That the Wireless 'Genie' Is Out
(Tuesday, March 14, 2017) Simply blocking attempts to access an industrial facility's wireless signals is insufficient, says CEO of U.S.-based cybersecurity software firm.

Don't Roll Back Back Fuel Standards, End Them: Virginia Postrel
(Tuesday, March 14, 2017) The more you examine how CAFE standards work, the more convoluted and absurd they appear.

COLUMN-Brent Spreads Become Battleground Amid Doubts Over Oil Rebalancing
(Tuesday, March 14, 2017) Global oil markets are gradually rebalancing, but progress has been slower and more uneven than the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and bullish hedge funds expected.

Oil Trader Vitol Sees 'A Lot More' Growth in U.S. Crude Exports
(Friday, March 10, 2017) Vitol Group BV, the trader that shipped the first cargo of U.S. crude after export restrictions ended in late 2015, predicts the country's oil exports will grow "a lot more" because of rising production in Texas.

Top Senators Voice Skepticism Over U.S. Border Tax
(Friday, March 10, 2017) Two top U.S. senators voiced skepticism on Friday about a possible border tax, worrying it could boost prices for gasoline and other consumer goods.

Canada's PM Says U.S. Border Tax Will Hurt Both Economies
(Friday, March 10, 2017) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday repeated his opposition to a U.S. proposal for an import tax, telling energy executives gathered in Houston a levy would hurt both economies.

Chevron's Watson: US Should Be More Competitive, But Not Burden Imports
(Friday, March 10, 2017) Chevron CEO John Watson discusses regulatory environment in the US and around the world with chairman Daniel Yergin during CERAWeek by IHS Markit in Houston.

Oil Executives Cautiously Optimistic About Trump Policies
(Thursday, March 09, 2017) "We have a unique president today," Continental Resources Inc Chief Executive Harold Hamm said on Wednesday.

U.S. EPA Chief Unconvinced on CO2 Link to Global Warming
(Thursday, March 09, 2017) EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said on Thursday he is not convinced that carbon dioxide from human activity is the main driver of climate change and said he wants Congress to weigh in on whether CO2 is a harmful pollutant that should be regulated.

COLUMN-OPEC and the Shale Industry Seek a Truce
(Thursday, March 09, 2017) There have been no winners from the oil producers’ civil war of 2014-2016, except for consumers, who have enjoyed two years of cheaper fuel prices.

BLOG: Survey Says Automation, Digitalization Good News for Industry Workers
(Wednesday, March 08, 2017) The majority of oil and gas workers think automation/digitalization will be a good thing, according to a Rigzone survey.

Oil, Gas Leaders: Automation about Efficiency, Not Job Elimination
(Wednesday, March 08, 2017) As the oil and gas industry adopts new, efficient ways of getting work done, it opens doors for new roles and skillsets.

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