Project Snapshot
Neptune LNG
Facility Type: LNG
Scope: New Construction
Owner: Suez LNG NA
Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts  United States
Region: North America
Modified:  August 13, 2010

Project description

Located on Block 125, The Neptune LNG is a deepwater port located 22 miles off the coast of Gloucester, Mass. The Neptune LNG is currently under construction and is expected to come onstream in 2009.

Neptune port is a buoy system where Suez-owned LNG vessels are moored. The vessels will vaporize natural gas then transport it by a 13-mile-long subsea pipeline, which connects to an existing Spectra Energy pipeline system’s Hubline. The 30-mile, 24-inch Hubline runs underwater from Salem to Weymouth, Mass. Each LNG tanker’s capacity is 3 billion cubic feet of gas.

The first phase of the port calls for constructing and installing a subsea pipeline to connect the Neptune LNG facility to the existing Spectra Energy HubLine. To install the pipeline, a subsea trench needs to be created. Then the pipeline will be installed and covered.

During the second phase, two off-loading buoys for the tankers will be installed and the pipeline will be connected to the Hubline.

The project is estimated to deliver 400 million standard cubic feet per day of natural gas. Its estimated cost is $1 billion.

Construction has concluded and the terminal is operational.

  Key Stats
Major process units:
buoy system, LNG vessel, sub-sea pipeline, Spectra Energy pipeline system’s Hubline
Post-project processing capacity :
400 mmscfd
Project cost:
$1 billion
BW Offshore Ltd. (via APL subsidiary) (install dual submerged turret loading buoy system)
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