Project Snapshot
Adriatic LNG
Facility Type: LNG
Scope: New Construction
Owner: Adriatic LNG (ExxonMobil Italiana Gas; Qatar Terminal Limited [Qatar Petroleum]; Edison)
Location: offshore Porto Levante  Italy
Region: Europe & Russia
Modified:  August 19, 2010

Project description

Adriatic LNG is building an offshore gravity-based liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal of the same name offshore Italy in the northern Adriatic Sea. ExxonMobil Italiana Gas and Qatar Petroleum's Qatar Terminal Limited subsidiary each own a 45% stake in the project while Edison SpA owns the remaining 10%.

The Adriatic LNG terminal will receive natural gas produced from Qatar’s North Field. It features a concrete gravity-base structure (GBS) that contains inert ballasting material. The GBS rests on the seabed in approximately 30 meters of water. The platform is 188 meters long, 88 meters wide, and 47 meters tall. It is oriented with its shortest side parallel to the coast.

Inside the GBS are two LNG storage tanks made of 9% nickel steel. High-resistance concrete double walls protect the tanks; there is sand between the two walls. Atop the structure are the regasification process and auxiliary plants, equipment, control room, and lodging for personnel.

LNG carriers capable of storing up to 152,000 cubic meters of LNG will be able to unload their cargoes at the terminal's berthing and mooring systems. The topside facilities will be able to vaporize approximately 775 million cubic feet per day (8 billion cubic meters per year), and Adriatic LNG anticipates that two LNG carriers will arrive at the regasification terminal each week.

Regasified LNG will be sent to shore via a 30-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline buried under the seabed. The pipeline will make landfall south of the Levante Po River delta near Scanno Cavallari. From there it will continue underground onshore to a metering station that will connect it to Italy's national gas grid.

Built in Algeciras, Spain, the Adriatic LNG terminal arrived at its final location on Sept. 15, 2008. On August 10, 2009, the first LNG cargo arrived at the terminal, which sent out its first gas to the Italian national gas distribution network on Sept. 6, 2009. Adriatic LNG was formally inaugurated approximately six weeks later.

  Key Stats
Major units:
two LNG storage tanks; regasification process and auxiliary plants; subsea pipeline
regasified LNG
775 mmcfd (8 bcm/y)
Aker Kvaerner (EPCM)
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