Project description

The estimated $7.9-billion Nabucco Gas Pipeline, owned by the Nabucco Gas Pipeline International Gmbh consortium, is being built to help Europe bypass Russia and reduce its reliance on gas from that country.

The construction of the 2,051-mile pipeline will take place from 2010 to 2014 and will comprise two major stages. The first phase, beginning in 2010, entails building the entire new route from Turkey's borders with Iran and/or Georgia to Baumgarten, Austria. Following this phase, the existing pipeline facilities between the Turkish/Georgian and Iranian borders will be used for a two-year period in order to link the new pipeline to the Turkish borders.

The second phase, from 2013 to 2014, calls for installing compressor stations at key points along the route to continuously increase capacity up to 31 bcm/y by 2017.

  Key Stats
Pipeline type:
natural gas
31 billion of cubic meters of gas a year (bcm/y); Expected off take in Transit countries - 8-10 bcm/y; Total capacity to Austria Baumgarten – 17-20 bcm/y
In service:
$7.9B Euros
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European Pipeline Loses Bid to Ship Gas
Jun 27, 2013 - Nabucco's defeat was the latest high-profile EU energy initiative to founder, underscoring its difficulty in forging a coherent energy policy.
OMV CEO Confirms RWE to Exit Nabucco Project
Dec 07, 2012 - German utility RWE AG (RWE.XE) will be leaving the consortium behind the proposed pipeline Nabucco West, Austrian oil and gas company OMV AG (OMV.VI) Chief Executive Officer Gerhard Roiss said Friday.
Nabucco's Mitschek: Expects Equity Share Agreement with Shah Deniz by Oct.
Oct 08, 2012 - Negotiations between the Nabucco pipeline consortium and the group behind the Shah Deniz II gas field are progressing well and an agreement is expected by the end of this month.
BP, Total, Azerbaijan's Socar To Fund TAP Gas Pipeline Project
Aug 09, 2012 - The decision seems to put TAP at an advantage versus competitor Nabucco West.
Nabucco West Makes Final Two In Pipeline Tender
Jun 28, 2012 - Shah Deniz, the consortium developing a natural-gas field offshore Azerbaijan, has finalized its options to carry that gas to Europe down to two rival proposals.
BP Confirms Limited Scope For Key European Gas Pipeline
May 25, 2012 - BP confirmed that a key pipeline project that would have reduced Russian dominance over European gas supplies will now be much more limited in scope.
EDITORIAL: Nabucco Must Shrink or Die
Apr 30, 2012 - The Nabucco gas pipeline, which was initially aimed at transporting vast amounts of central Asian gas through Turkey and into Europe, will have to downsize to meet lower, more humble demand if it is to avoid certain death.
RWE CEO Says Might Scrap Plans for Nabucco Gas Pipeline
Jan 18, 2012 - Scrapping its plans to participate in the multibillion-euro Nabucco project could help RWE to save a significant amount of cash.
Turkey, Azerbaijan Sign Deal For Trans Anadolu Pipeline Project
Dec 26, 2011 - Turkey and Azerbaijan signed a deal Monday to build a new joint gas pipeline project that will stretch from Turkey's eastern border to its western border.
Nabucco Head: 2 Companies Interested In Joining Consortium
Nov 10, 2011 - Two more companies are interested in joining the consortium planning to build the Nabucco pipeline, the consortium's managing director said Thursday.
Nabucco Pipeline Investment Decision To Come At End 2012
Nov 01, 2011 - Germany's nuclear phase-out has given the planned Nabucco gas pipeline a boost by raising the need for imported energy.
EU Member States Give Commission Mandate To Negotiate Caspian Pipeline
Sep 12, 2011 - EU member states agreed Monday to give the European Commission a mandate to hold gas talks with Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, probably starting this month.
EU Energy Chief Tells Nabucco to 'Hatch' Investment Decision
Feb 03, 2011 - The European gas pipeline consortium Nabucco must move ahead with key investment decisions, European Union Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said in an interview published Thursday.
Nabucco Rep: EU Should Forge Ties to Gas Suppliers
Jan 12, 2011 - The European Union should establish relations with potential gas suppliers for Nabucco gas pipeline project, which will help Europe to diversify routes and sources of energy supplies, Nabucco Gas Pipeline International said.
Kazakh Envoy: No Nabucco Gas Available
Dec 16, 2010 - Kazakhstan does not have free gas volumes intended for export at the moment, Kazakh Ambassador to Azerbaijan Serik Primbetov said Wednesday.
EU's Iran Sanctions to Exempt Nabucco-linked Investment
Oct 27, 2010 - European Union sanctions targeting Iran's energy sector will spare a major gas field in Azerbaijan in which the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has a 10 percent share because of its strategic value for the EU, officials said Tuesday.
OMV, RWE: No Nabucco Decision This Year
Oct 08, 2010 - Two of the six partners in the EU-backed Nabucco natural gas pipeline reportedly have postponed their final investment decision.
Azerbaijan, Iraq to Supply First Nabucco Gas - Consortium Chief
Sep 16, 2010 - Nabucco Gas Pipeline International expects that the first gas via the pipeline, supported by the EU, will be received in 2015.
Three Institutions Sign Nabucco Finance Deal
Sep 06, 2010 - International investment institutions Monday signed an agreement that will potentially give up to EUR4 billion financing to the planned Nabucco natural gas pipeline.
Nabucco Consortium to Appoint Lender Banks - Sources
Sep 02, 2010 - The Nabucco consortium is set to announce Monday that top international lenders will sign an agreement to take a senior financing role for its planned EUR7.9 billion natural gas pipeline, several people familiar with the matter said Thursday.
Nabucco Group Scraps Iran Gas Supply Plan
Aug 23, 2010 - European energy companies have shelved a plan to source gas from Iran to Europe via the EU-backed Nabucco gas pipeline.
OMV Sets Date for Nabucco Decision
Aug 05, 2010 - The final investment decision for the planned Nabucco gas pipeline will be made in the first quarter of next year at the latest, Nabucco shareholder, Austrian Company OMV said.
EU Commissioner Retracts Nabucco Delay Forecast
Mar 26, 2010 - European Union Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger confirmed Thursday that the Nabucco gas pipeline project would open as planned, reacting to a media report that quoted him as predicting a four-year delay until 2018.
Iraqi Kurd Official Confirms Nabucco Supply Talks
Feb 02, 2010 - Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government is in talks with three companies to supply natural gas to the Nabucco pipeline, the region's oil minister said Tuesday.
2010 Will Be 'Decisive' for Nabucco - Fischer
Nov 02, 2009 - The coming year is "decisive" for the European Union's Nabucco gas pipeline project, former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer was quoted as saying Monday in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.
Sarkozy: France Eager To Join Nabucco
Oct 10, 2009 - French President Nicolas Sarkozy proposed on Friday to his visiting Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul of cooperation over the Nabucco natural gas pipeline project.
Former German Premier: Nabucco Needs Iranian Gas
Sep 25, 2009 - German ex-chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said the EU's planned Nabucco pipeline, which would sidestep Russian territory and supplies, will have to rely on Iranian gas, according to Russian news agencies Friday.
Europe's Listless Quest for Energy
Aug 11, 2009 - Last month's euphoria over the European Union's agreement with Turkey on the Nabucco gas pipeline was perhaps a little premature -- Brussels still has a long way to go to reduce its energy dependence from Russia.
Is There Enough Caspian Gas, And Political Will, for Nabucco To Succeed?
Jul 17, 2009 - On July 13, the EU and Turkey signed what's been hailed as a historic deal to start work on the Nabucco pipeline, which is designed to give Europe an alternative to the unreliable supply of natural gas from Russia's.
EU, Turkey To Sign Nabucco Deal July 13 - Austrian Official
Jul 07, 2009 - An intergovernmental pact between the European Union (EU) and Turkey on the new Nabucco natural gas pieline will be signed on 13 July in Ankara, Austria's economy minister announced Monday.
Rival Pipelines To Beat Nabucco To Central Asia Gas
Jun 23, 2009 - Smaller rivals to the proposed Nabucco pipeline project look set to win the race to open up a key new supply line meant to ease Europe's dependence on Russia for natural gas.
Timely Investment Key To Success of Nabucco - Analyst
May 14, 2009 - Timely investment and access to enough gas supply are the key issues in the Nabucco natural gas pipeline project, said a senior energy researcher at the Dutch Clingendael institute.
Turkish Negotiator Reaffirms Support for Nabucco Gas Pipeline
Apr 01, 2009 - Turkey's chief negotiator for European Union talks said Wednesday his country continued to support the Nabucco gas pipeline project, which would carry gas to European markets from fields in the Caucasus and Central Asia.
Nabucco Must Not Get Public Money - Merkel
Mar 02, 2009 - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday the Nabucco gas pipeline must not be subsidized with public money.
Azerbaijan Has Enough Gas To Fill Nabucco Pipeline - Official
Feb 19, 2009 - Azerbaijan has enough gas reserves to fill the planned Nabucco pipeline, a senior local oil official has said.
Czech PM Seeks Turkmen Gas for Europe
Feb 13, 2009 - Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, whose country holds the European Union presidency, discussed gas supplies for Europe with officials in Turkmenistan on Friday, a Turkmen government source said.
Nabucco Seeks EIB Funds for Pipeline Project
Jan 26, 2009 - The European Investment Bank (EIB) has been asked by the Nabucco pipeline consortium to help finance the project but the bank needs more information before making a decision, the bank's chairman said on Monday.
Turkey Seeks 15% of Nabucco Gas; Partners Opposed
Jan 21, 2009 - Turkey wants to keep a net 15 percent of the natural gas that will flow through the planned Nabucco pipeline, a demand its European partners have so far refused, an Energy Ministry official said on Wednesday.
EU Quest for New Gas Route May Boost Reliance On Russia
Jan 15, 2009 - Russia's dispute with Ukraine over gas payments has stoked fears among Europeans of being left without heat in the dead of winter, yet the EU's inevitable scramble to seek new supply routes may actually increase its dependence on Russia.
Nabucco 'On Track' Despite Georgia-Russia Conflict - Exec
Sep 05, 2008 - The Nabucco gas pipeline, which seeks to link central Asia's gas fields with Europe, is on track despite the Russia-Georgia conflict, the project's chief executive said in an interview published Friday.
Nabucco Consortium Reports 'Huge' Demand for Capacities
Aug 18, 2008 - The consortium behind the planned Nabucco gas pipeline Monday said a market survey has established the demand for capacities are "huge."
Bulgaria, Hungary Urge Faster Work On Nabucco
Jun 27, 2008 - Bulgaria and Hungary called on Friday for faster work and stronger political support for the Nabucco gas pipeline project, aimed at easing Europe's dependence on Russian gas.
EU: Nabucco Receives First Supply Order
Jun 12, 2008 - After months of delays and setbacks, Nabucco, the European Union's ambitious natural gas pipeline project, received its first supply order, the EU said Wednesday.
Iran Discussing Nabucco, BTC Shipments with Azerbaijan - Report
Jun 05, 2008 - Iran has proposed the delivery of its own and Central Asian gas to Europe via the US-backed Nabucco pipeline, the Azerbaijani daily Ekspress reported Thursday.
Nabucco Cost Estimate Rises 58%
May 29, 2008 - The estimated project cost of the Nabucco gas pipeline has been raised to 7.9 billion euros to reflect the impact of higher steel and crude oil prices, Nabucco Gaspipeline International GmbH said.
EU, Iraq Seek To Seal Nabucco Deal Within Weeks - Barroso
Apr 16, 2008 - The European Commission aims to seal a deal on the import of Iraqi gas via the planned Nabucco pipeline within "a matter of weeks," the EU executive's chief said Wednesday.
PGNiG Eyes Link To Nabucco
Apr 14, 2008 - Polish gas company PGNiG SA is studying the possibility of building a link to the planned Nabucco gas pipeline, the head of PGNiG's supervisory board said.
MOL Exec Suggests New Tool To Achieve Nabucco Support
Apr 01, 2008 - At the March 27, 2008, Steering Committee meeting of Nabucco Gas Pipeline International GmbH, Benjamin Lakatos, Director of MOL Gas, advocated establishing a so-called Political Supporting Body.
Hungary Pledges 'Active Support' for Nabucco
Feb 29, 2008 - Three members of Hungary's government confirmed on Friday Hungary's commitment to the EU's common energy policy and the construction of the Nabucco gas pipeline.
Nabucco Construction Pushed Back to 2010 - Exec
Feb 22, 2008 - Construction of the Nabucco pipeline project, which is to bring gas from Turkey to Europe, will start in 2010, one year later than previously scheduled, an executive of the building consortium said late Thursday.
Gazprom Ready to Look at Nabucco Role - Report
Feb 12, 2008 - Russian gas monopoly OAO Gazprom (GAZP.RS) said Monday it was ready to look at participation in the European Union's Nabucco pipeline aimed at feeding huge amounts of gas each year from the Caspian Sea to Europe.
GDF Candidacy Rejected for Nabucco
Feb 07, 2008 - Gaz de France said its candidacy to participate in the Nabucco gas pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Europe has been rejected, and that it will study other options like the Russian-Italian South Stream project to bring Russian gas to Europe.
Hungary Interested in Both Nabucco and South Stream
Feb 05, 2008 - Hungary threw its weight behind the EU's Nabucco gas pipeline on Tuesday, while at the same time signalling its support for Russia's South Stream project.
Sixth Nabucco Partner Could Be Named Early Next Month
Jan 23, 2008 - The sixth shareholder for the 5 billion eur Nabucco gas pipeline project will likely be disclosed early in February, according to Reinhard Mitschek, the project's general manager.
EU Still Prefers Nabucco to South Stream
Jan 18, 2008 - The European Commission has no objections to the South Stream gas pipeline, but still considers the Nabucco project as a higher priority, a commission spokesman said.
Nabucco Open Season Set for Later This Quarter
Jan 18, 2008 - The consortium behind the Nabucco gas pipeline has signed letters of intent with seven European companies for deliveries of gas through the pipeline, the consortium's managing director Reinhard Mitschek said Friday.

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