Project description

Atlantic Sea Island Group LLC has proposed the construction of a man-made island off the coast of New York and New Jersey that would serve as an LNG receiving, storage and regasification terminal. The Safe Harbor Energy project would supply 2 billion cubic feet of natural gas a day to the Northeastern US market.

In an effort to overcome the "not-in-my-backyard" (NIMBY) phenomenon faced by many LNG projects in the US, Atlantic Sea Island's project proposes building a 60.5-acre offshore island 13.5 miles south of Long Beach, New York; 23 miles southeast of the New York Harbor; and 19 miles off the New Jersey coast on the Outer Continental Shelf and between two international shipping lanes. Located in 60 feet of water, the island will boast a 20-foot-thick foundation of rock and 11 million cubic yards of dredged sand and gravel. It would also be capable of withstanding a 200-year storm.

The island will include four LNG storage tanks with containment capacities of 180,000 cubic meters each, along with ambient air vaporization equipment. Two protected docking stations will be constructed to allow LNG tankers to unload LNG. The terminal construction will include a subsea gas pipeline that will interconnect with the existing Transco Pipeline and the interstate pipeline grid.

The US Coast Guard labeled the Safe Harbor Energy application for approval "complete" in August 2007, allowing the proposed project to move forward with the governmental approval process. At a cost of an estimated $1.8 billion, construction is expected to take 66 months, and Atlantic Sea Island plans to have the LNG terminal operational by 2014.

According to various news reports in July and August 2010, Atlantic Sea Island Group has decided to temporarily suspend the project in the wake of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Earlier in the year, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stated his opposition to Safe Harbor and other proposed LNG terminals along his state's coastline.

  Key Stats
Year constructed:
originally 2014 but project was suspended in Summer 2010
Major units:
60.5-acre, man-made island with four 180,000 cubic meters storage tanks, ambient air vaporization units, two protected docking and unloading facilities for LNG tankers, pipeline to connect to existing interstate pipeline
Post-project processing capacity:
2 Bcf/d
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