Project Snapshot
Bakken Expansion Program
Facility Type: Pipeline
Scope: Expansion
Owner: Enbridge
Location: North Dakota  United States
Region: North America
Modified:  August 27, 2010

Enbridge Inc., through its affiliates Enbridge Energy Partners L.P. and Enbridge Income Fund, on August 26, 2010, launched a binding open season to solicit shipper interest for a series of projects to expand crude oil pipeline capacity in North Dakota and Saskatchewan. The proposed Bakken Expansion Program would serve oil producers in the burgeoning Williston Basin play.

The separate yet complementary projects, with a total capacity of 145,000 b/d, would link Bakken and Three Forks receipt locations in North Dakota to interconnections with other Enbridge systems serving refineries throughout North America. They would provide shippers access to the Great Lakes region of the Upper Midwest and to Midcontinent refinery markets via the Cushing, Okla., crude oil trading hub.

Individual Bakken Expansion projects include:

Enbridge North Dakota Bakken Projects

  • Beaver Loop Project: Enbridge proposes to build a new 12- or 16-inch diameter pipeline system with tankage and new pump stations from Enbridge Pipelines (North Dakota) LLC's ("North Dakota System") existing Beaver Lodge Station near Tioga, N.D., eastward to Berthold, N.D. According to Enbridge, the new pipeline system will add roughly 315,000 bpd along the 45-mile segment by First Quarter 2013. It will parallel the existing Enbridge North Dakota System.
  • SORTI & Dunn Projects: Enbridge proposes constructing a new 8- and 10-inch pipeline system owned by Enbridge Pipelines (North Dakota) LLC starting approximately 45 miles south of Beaver Lodge Station. In addition to adding 100,000 bpd of new pipeline capacity into Beaver Lodge, Enbridge would build two new truck facilities – one at Keene Station near Keene, N.D., and another near the border of Dunn and McKenzie counties.

Enbridge Bakken Pipeline Projects (U.S. and Canada)

  • Enbridge proposes expanding the interconnected Line 26 in the U.S. and EX-02 pipeline in Canada and adding the following facilities in North Dakota, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba:

    -- Building two new pumping stations as well as enhancements on Line 26 north of Berthold
    -- Extending the Canadian portion of the Portal Link (Line "EX-02") by building a 75-mile, 16-inch diameter pipeline from Steelman, Saskatchewan, northeastward to Enbridge's terminal at Cromer, Manitoba. The anticipated in-service date of the new pipeline is First Quarter 2013.

  Key Stats
Pipeline type:
crude oil
Varies from 8 to 16 inches
145,000 b/d
In service:
Q1 2013
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